7. Did Jesus Say, “Some Are Born Queer?”
Bible and Homosexuality: An LGBTQ Positive ViewFebruary 08, 2022x
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7. Did Jesus Say, “Some Are Born Queer?”

What did Jesus mean when he said, “Some are born eunuchs? Is this common translation (of Matthew 19.11-12) correct?

Homework Assignment from Episode 6

Who do you think Jesus is talking about in each of the three types of sexual minorities in Matthew 19: 11-12?


1. “Those who have been so FROM BIRTH.”

· Narrowest plausible answers: G or gay men; or Men who do not lie with women; or queer men.

· Broadest plausible answers: LGBTQIA+; or sexual and gender minorities; or those born sexually different; or queer people.

· Incorrect: Only those born without testicles.

Jesus is saying SOME sexual minorities are formed in their mother’s wombs for something OTHER THAN a traditional, husband-wife marriage with traditional gender roles.

2. “Those who have been made so BY OTHERS”

· Narrowest plausible answer: men who have been castrated by others.

· Broadest plausible answers: LGBTQIA+; sexual and gender minorities; those born sexually different; or queer people.

Jesus is saying SOME are sexual minorities for love. And, SOME are sexual minorities because of the influence of others (parents, friends, lovers, etc.)

3. “Those who have made themselves so FOR THE SAKE OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN”

· Narrowest plausible answer: men who are celibate for life for spiritual reasons, e.g., Roman catholic priests.

· Broadest plausible answer: all people who choose celibacy, even for one night when to have sex would be adulterous, or deceitful, or dishonest, etc.

Jesus is saying there are times in everyone’s life when celibacy is the God-honoring way to live: It can be for one night; It can be for a season of life; and for a few, for a lifetime.

Greek-English Translation

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For more from my research about eunuchs in antiquity, see the notes in episode 6.

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