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I DONT know how to say thank you.

I really don’t know how to say this, but thank you, your podcasts help me stop my suicidal thoughts, you saved my life. This amazing point of view from being bi is amazing. I know god still loves me, and I love him too. God saved us, and you saved me too. Thank you so much. You have an amazing heart.

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Thank you

I have been in church my entire life and have read and studied my Bible always, and yet, you put some scriptures that have been used to harm people into perspective. In my gut, I knew those scriptures didn’t apply to me, but I lacked the ability to articulate that for others. I have shared your Podcast with dozens...

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Great content.

I just listened to everything here and up to episode 5, I agree with everything he spoke about. In my own research, I’ve found similar deductions in place, and he does a great and thorough job covering these clobber verses and concepts. I hope he finishes this series soon! I want to keep listening!

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didn’t listen

i will ALWAYS support christian liberals, but this is oft covered stuff. however, trans justification is something that isn’t talked about as much, especially in the podcast realm