21. A Trans Christian's Quest for Authenticity
Bible and Homosexuality: An LGBTQ Positive ViewOctober 14, 2023x
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21. A Trans Christian's Quest for Authenticity

Aiden Yang's transformation as he liberates the good troublemaker within, explores the Beatitudes, and finds inspiration from rapper Bad Bunny.

Aiden Yang, a Trans-Christian Asian American, describes the many challenges to living true to your authentic self: Challenges from your church; challenges from your family; and challenges from a capitalist society.

Aiden takes you on a transformative journey to embrace your shadow self and live authentically. Aiden shares insights from his personal experience and draws parallels with the Beatitudes, challenging societal norms and finding inspiration from rapper Bad Bunny's countercultural journey.

Aiden’s website: https://aidensyang.com

About Aiden:

Aiden’s book, “The Spineless Porcupine: Why Our Differences Are Superpowers”

Aiden’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/love_n_cr8ivity/

Aiden’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sayme/

This sermon was originally delivered at Bethel Community Church in San Leandro, CA and has been edited for this podcast.


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